Several Tips To Help Give Your Personal Profile a Boost

LinkedIn personal profiles are a great way to build your professional branding on the largest professional social media website in the world. I think that it is important to focus on your personal branding because LinkedIn is quickly becoming more attractive to businesses as a way to scout potential employees as well as using it to do background research on job applicants. For these reasons I have decided to research 5 blog posts to help improve and implement an effective personal LinkedIn profile.

16 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile And Enhance Your Personal Brand

Made by the bloggers of LinkedIn themselves, this post covers a number of different ways to improve your personal profile and enhance your brand. My favorite tip they gave was to focus on Search Engine Optimization within your personal profile. I have never thought of doing this for a personal social media profile, and their tips are to add keywords to various sections of your profile like personal interests, specialties, and career history.

5 Quick Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

A common tip I found throughout multiple blog posts was to be sure and claim your Vanity URL. This blog post quickly runs you through the steps necessary to get your URL. A Vanity URL is basically a mask to hide your regular URL, this makes it easier for people to find your page if it is instead of This also will help improve your SEO by including your name in the link instead of a bunch of different numbers and letters.

5 Quick Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are looking for some quick easy ways to optimize your profile, this blog has a few great simple tips you can do to instantly improve your profile. Some of my favorites are: be sure to upload a professional photo of yourself, show appropriate work samples, don’t neglect your summary.

5 Steps To Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

This blog post covers a couple steps that can help take your profile to the next level. Most of them have already been covered by other posts mentioned above however, this one does include a section on the impact of your interests. They say to not underestimate the power of the interests section because of all the SEO richness that can be found in this section.

Market Yourself with a LinkedIn Makeover

Of course, if you are too lazy or simply don’t have the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you could always hire someone to do the optimization for you. LinkedIn Makeover is a service that offers to help you create a successful LinkedIn profile, for a price.


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